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Pu-erh sample variety packs

Pu-erh beginner's trial pack

This a Pu-erh variety sample pack including four 25g samples:25g X raw premium loose, 25g X ripened premium loose, 25g X raw Peacock Country cake, 25g X Yunya premium cake. It is a sample pack for a Pu-erh beginner to get a taste of both loose and compressed, raw and ripened Pu-erh to form a firsthand opinion as to what to purchase next.
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We understand that Pu-erh teas could be relatively new to some tea consumers. With so many variations:

  • raw (Sheng, uncooked) or ripened (Shou, cooked)
  • different shapes: cakes, bricks, Tuocha and loose
  • harvested from different areas: eg Yi-Bang (倚邦), Ge-Deng(革登), Mang-Zhi (莽枝), Man-Zhuang(蛮砖), You-Le (攸乐) and Yi-Wu(易武)
  • harvested in different seasons: spring tea, summer tea, autumn tea 
  • different ages
  • different tree types: ancient tea trees, wild arbour tea trees, plantation tea trees etc

It could be hard sometimes for consumers to know where to start, especially those who are the naive to Pu-erh teas. 

We therefore have put together some sample packs of various combinations for those who just want to test the water before committing to a full cake or brick. 

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