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Pu-erh (or Puer tea, Puerh tea)

  1. produced predominately in the Yunnan Province
  2. tea plant being arbor trees instead of tea bushes
  3. mostly compressed into cake, bricks or Tuocha
  4. with a unique characteristic of post fermentation.

Cake has been and still is the most traditional form of Pu-erh tea manufacturing. The traditional weight of a Pu-erh cake is 357g, also called 'Qi-Zi-Cha-Bing' by the locals. Various other shapes and weights have since been added for the convenience of consumption.

Valley Green Tea offers a range of Pu-erh tea cakes to facilitate you experience with Pu-erh tea: raw and ripened, quality graded, young and aged, from 50g to 400g.


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