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Yi-Wu Pu-erh tea raw 400g cake

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This is a premium Pu-erh raw cake made of leaves harvested from the ancient tea trees in the Yi-Wu area, manufactured by Zhong-Cha - one of the top contemporary pu-erh tea manufacturers in China.
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This is a Pu-erh raw cake made of premium tip leaves harvested from the ancient tea trees in the Yi-Wu area in 2015 before the start of the Qing-Ming season. It is manufactured by Zhong-Cha in 2015. It is a relatively young cake of extremely high quality - exceptional value for collection and future use. 

Pre Qing Ming Tea

Qing Ming is one of the 24 Chinese seasons and it heralds the beginning of the big scale of Chinese tea harvesting. There are always some limited crop harvested before the start of the Qing Ming season for each tea type. These crops are considered to be of high value for reasons:

  1. the volume is extremely limited as there is only one harvest from the each tea plant per year for this crop
  2. the crops grow in pre Qing Ming season of late winter and early spring when the weather conditions are much colder. These are slow grown crop that have taken much longer time to accumulate all the nutrients and flavour in comparison to the crops grow after.

Zhong Cha

Zhong-Cha has been one of top brands in the Pu-erh tea production during the last few decades. It was first established in 1951 and fully owned by the Zhong-Liang Group, one of top 500 companies in the world. Not only it has had a good 60 years of accumulated premium Pu-erh production experiences by employing the most experienced local tea masters, it is also a powerful drive in innovation by presenting the market regularly with new and improved products. 

This Yi-Wu iron tea cake is one of them. 

Iron cake vs infusion cake

There are two main types of pu-erh cakes based their shape and density, Pao (infusion) Bing (cake) and Tie (iron) Bing (cake). The moulding methods used during their production are quite different with the different results being:

  1. shape: an iron cake has a flat edge with sharp corner and many small nodes on the back of the cake; an infusion cake has a rounded edge and a single relatively large round shape indent at the back of the cake. 
  2. the iron cake is much harder compressed (where it got its name from - as hard as iron) with much higher density; an an infusion cake is relative looser and easier to break. 
  3. The cost of an iron cake is that it is hard to break, the gain is that the aroma and flavor are better concealed, especially with prolong ageing. 

Note: The method used to break an iron cake is the same as used on an infusion cake. A cake pin is howeve essentail and patience is needed. Make effore to insert the cake pin in between the leaves and break off in chunks without crushing the leaves wherever it is possible.   

Yi-Wu tea:

This limited collection of Pu-erh premium grade raw iron cakes were produced in 2015 using tea leaves harvested from the ancient tea trees of the Yi-Wu area. The Yi-Wu teas are known to be: brew clear, bright and light yellow in colour; fruity aroma; flavour soft, mellowing and long lasting. The cakes have been fermenting naturally for a couple of years only, already yielding premium Pu-erh tea's unique elegant fragrance. These tea cakes have however not yet reached their full potential. Although can be consumed, they still have plenty of collection and ageing value ahead. 


Zhong Cha (中粮集团 - COFCO or CNNP)

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