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Information about Green Tea

green teaGreen tea is the only class of teas that is un-fermented. It is also the biggest family in the Chinese tea empire.

Green tea has gained quite some recent attention on the international stage as a result of it's many health benefits. About 30-40 years ago, researchers in the areas of nutrition and natural therapy started paying some serious attention to the Chinese teas (teas made of Camellia sinensis) for their possible role in the prevention of many modern life style related conditions such as cancers, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and obesity, mainly due to their high anti-oxidants content. As the doctors running out of options with pills and knifes, and these conditions have been on the steady rise even with latest technology and treatments of modern medicine, some alternative solutions need to be explored. Green tea was among the first ones studied.

The renewed interest in this ancient Chinese beverage has put it in the spot light of both researchers and merchants: with more and more research conducted and studies extended to all six categories of Chinese teas, the knowledge regarding the actual active compounds and mechanism of their health benefits is building. At the mean time, it has also attracted many merchants to jump on the wagon as a business opportunity.

At Valley Green Tea, we like to inform our customers with actual evidence based information from the latest researches, as well as explore this marvel beverage from a culture perspective as a source of life enjoyment instead of a mere Chinese medicine.

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