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Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yinzhen)

Silver Needle ranks highest in the white tea family - made from only the tip bud leaves covered by the silky silver down. Our exclusive grade Silver Needle is produced at the white teas' heartland Fu-Ding and harvested in early spring. Package 50g.
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White Peony (Pai Mu Dan)

White peony ranks second in white tea family. It contains both the silver buds and the 1-2 green laves beneath. They are many grades of White Peony. We offer the top grade packaged in 50g.
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Shou Mei

Shou Mei is one of the low ranking white teas in the white tea family hierarchy due to the amount of mature tea leaves included. It however has its own characteristics and much loved by certain tea drinkers who enjoy the unique mature white tea flavour. packaged in 50g, 100g or 200g.
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Yunnan Silver Needle

This is a Silver Needle white tea produced in the Yunnan Province of China. In comparison its more famous cousin Fu-Ding or Zheng-Her white teas, it leaves are longer and stronger, less grassy but more regional aroma, lass floral but more nutty flavour with a hint of honey.
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Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yinzhen) aged 2012

This is an aged Silver Needle white tea, produced at the white teas' heartland Fu-Ding, stored under optimal conditions and aged since 2012. It is a premium aged Silver Needle for those who seek the additional aged flavour and health benefits aged white teas. Package 50g.
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Premium Pu-erh white tea cake

This is a cake white tea made of primarily silver needle with a small portion of mature leaves to facility the post fermentation. Cake size: 357g.
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Buy White Tea

Buy white teaWhite tea, one of the six main categories of Chinese teas, is a uniquely Chinese "hidden gem". This class of Chiense tea has a hierarchy ranking within the family based on their potential quality, which is quite different from other teas. We offer the top two at our online tea shop, both organically produced: Silver Needle and White Peony.

White teas are grown in only a few small areas in China. The dominant production of the best teas is the Fu-Ding region of Fu-Jian province, the source of our white teas. (The image on the right is the organic tea plantation where our Silver Needle and White Peony are grown.)  

Pure white tea

Some re-sellers add cheaper ingredients such Goji, chili or other flowers or fruits and call them a blend. Our organic white teas are unadulterated and of premium quality (please read our customer reviews before buy white tea), as we believe in pure tea, pure taste and natural health.

Fu Jian is also the home country of En Jie - the founder of this business.

"I am particularly proud of the quality of the white tea I have been able to provide and gratified that my customers enjoy these so much. I highly recommend our white teas to you."  EnJie.

Please contact us for further information about holesale of the premium Chinese white teas.